Write 4 pages with APA style on Understanding Government Led Skills Development Initiatives.

Write 4 pages with APA style on Understanding Government Led Skills Development Initiatives. Human resource is the most valuable asset of a nation or a country. That’s why different organizations, as well as governments, endeavor to train and develop their human resource so as to meet the needs of contemporary times and to overcome the dearth of skilled manpower in the variety of growing sectors of the modern economy. Lacking skilled human resource results in sluggish economic growth and development of the country. Therefore in order to overcome the hurdles of economic growth as well as to sustain the pace with the rapidly changing world, humans must be trained to sharpen their skills to suit the organizational and industrial needs (UKCES, 2014).

The private sector has historically played a vital role in developing the required skills in manpower of an economy. Such skill development dominates in most sectors of the UK economy but such traditional approach does not enable the workforce to add new skills according to the economic and growing needs. The initiative of a government in this regard may help to closely assess and monitor the accurate skill needs and appropriate measures at a macro level may be taken to leave high impact over the areas of the economy. Frequent change in technology and globalization requires continuous and lifelong learning, hence active participation and appropriate intervention of government may appear fruitful in meeting the challenges and to stay strategically competent with the globe (Change Role Govt, 2014). The government plays its role to train and develop as follows:

The government may significantly play its role to train and develop the human resource through formal education. Vocational and technical training institutions may be set up in order to meet the shortage of specific skills in a sector. This also helps to generate a quality workforce for the industries (UKCES, 2014).

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